lumpafilter37.rar for POE 3.7 (including custom sounds)
Filtration - Software used in the Customization Examples section.
Filterblast - Preview and online customization.

Previous versions:
lumpafilter36.rar for POE 3.6 (including custom sounds)
lumpafilter35.rar for POE 3.5 (including custom sounds)
lumpafilter34.rar for POE 3.4 (including custom sounds)
lumpa.filter for POE 3.4
lumpa.filter for POE 3.3
lumpa.filter for POE 3.2
lumpa.filter for POE 3.1
lumpa.filter for POE 3.0
lumpa.filter for POE 2.6
lumpa.filter for POE 2.5

POE classic color theme

Customization Examples

Example 1: Tornado Shot Ranger

This setup means that the highest possible bases that can drop, in your current zone, for Bows and Evasion gear will always show.

Example 2: 2H Cycloning Marauder with Blood Magic

Here we are showing all 2H Melee, Armour and Armour/Evasion. We've also hidden Mana Flasks.

Playstyles (SSF / Racing / Trading)

By slimming down the Levelling block, pointed out in the Customization Examples above, we can run a very strict filter yet never miss out on those juicy Alch bases.
If we on the other hand plan to level with twink gear or trade for upgrades, the Levelling block is safe to disable all together, since that only targets Normal and Magic levelling crafting bases.

Dynamic Levelling

As you progress, the lootfilter will become tighter and hide more stuff that you shouldn't be interested in any longer.


Some drops that you should never want to hide will always show up no matter how you configure your filter. These include, but are not limited to:
Mirrors, Exalts, Divines, Crystal Belts, Steel Rings, Opal Rings, Maps, Uniques, 6S, 6L.